What are Volt's political goals?

Amid unprecedented crises, we aim for realistic, social and sustainable solutions fit for the 21st century. With the support of millions of citizens across the EU, we are building a Europe that works for all of us, whoever we are, wherever we live, and whatever we do.

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Our vision for Europe

A new economy that works for everyone
As the world's largest trading bloc, the EU owes its success to extensive economic integration, resulting in increased prosperity, stability, and overall well-being. However, the EU needs to change the way it works to face the climate, geopolitical and digital challenges we face today. Volt will modernise the EU’s framework, by focusing on innovation, taxation, and sustainability, building an economy that can effectively tackle these issues.
The EU on the Global Stage
In a world that is changing drastically, Volt wants the EU to become an actor for a fairer, more sustainable and more equal world. To achieve this, the EU needs to reform itself and its structures to speak with one voice and act as a true union. Only then will we be capable of playing a significant role on the global stage.
Thriving Together
No-one should be left behind in Europe, but according to the European Commission, factors such as wealth, education level and social status heavily influence our chances at well-being. Volt is committed to fighting discrimination, improving social mobility, and building a society in which we can all thrive. Quality public services and the highest standards of protection, both on and offline, are crucial for building a prosperous Europe.
For chances without borders
Europe is held back by unrealised potential. Our proposal ushers in a new era of empowerment over punishment. Those struggling most deserve support through basic income and opportunities through reskilling. Successful citizens and businesses will thrive with fewer barriers. By lifting all Europeans with coordinated reforms in income, taxes and worker rights at the EU level, we can unlock an unprecedented era in which every person's potential, in every region, is fulfilled for a brighter future of shared prosperity.
A more humane and safe asylum system
Europe’s current asylum system is dysfunctional. It leads to refugees and asylum seekers enduring distressing conditions, and being left in legal limbo. There is an urgent need for change. Volt aims to introduce a fair relocation system, protect the human rights of vulnerable individuals, and create safe regular pathways for refugees.
A dynamic European labour market
Recognising Europe’s need to attract new talent while preventing workers’ exploitation, Volt proposes a common European migration code to manage migration effectively and fill skills gaps. Our goal is to create a system that respects the rights of migrant workers, boosts the appeal of the European market and fosters prosperity for a European Union that is truly rights-based and offers the same guarantees across all Member States.
A thriving EU with renewed legitimacy
At Volt, we believe in fortifying the EU’s capacity for collective action, ensuring that Member States collaborate effectively to address shared challenges. Central to this is the bolstering of the EU’s democratic legitimacy.
Empowering European Democracy
Volt is committed to creating a more democratic and fairer EU that tackles modern challenges. We will build a system that prioritises the interest of over 500 million of citizens, transcending the constraints of national politics, and strengthening trust in the European project, through an informed citizenry and a robust and transparent European media landscape.
An ambitious climate agenda for Europe
Climate change is already here. To mitigate its effects, we need to eliminate greenhouse emissions and transition to a greener economy. Volt has a holistic plan for that. Starting from the Paris Agreement targets, we envision a zero-carbon future with sustainable buildings, empowered energy communities and decentralised energy systems that work for all Europeans.
Healthy European Ecosystems
We are part of the European ecosystem, and yet we are allowing the natural world to deteriorate around us. Nature in the EU is in serious decline, with 80% of land and water habitats in bad condition. Volt wants to reverse this trend, revitalising biodiversity in the EU, mitigating the impacts of pollution and ensuring a better life for the animals that we share our continent with.

The 5+1 Challenges

Volt has defined 5+1 fundamental Challenges that need to be tackled in each European country and in Europe as a whole.

Why 5 + 1 Challenges?

The 5 Challenges are basically the same for every country, but their implementation can be adapted on the national level to take into account local realities.

The +1 Challenge – our proposal to reform and strengthen the EU – is identical across all our national programmes.

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  • 01

    Smart State

    Education and digitalisation are key elements of the 21st century

  • 02

    Economic Renaissance

    An innovative economy must be the engine of society's progress

  • 03

    Social Equality

    No-one should be left behind - no matter their gender, income, religion. or origin

  • 04

    Global Balance

    Europe needs to assume responsibility for its role in global challenges

  • 05

    Citizen Empowerment

    People must be empowered to influence politics beyond elections alone

  • +1

    EU Reform

    We love the EU - this doesn't mean there is no room for improvement