Visual Identity

During the 2018 General Assembly in Amsterdam, Volt launched its new visual identity. One of the key elements of this new identity, which applies to both internal and external communication, is the use of a new logo and a harmonised set of visual guidelines.

In July 2020 additional colours and design elements were developed and published in Volt's pamphlet "Basic Design Elements 2.0" which is available for download.


Volt Purple Logo

The logo consists of the four letters forming Volt. Optionally, the name is surrounded by stars resembling the EU flag. The logo is uni-coloured (purple or white, see below). It is a symbol of the core values Volt stands for: dynamism, pragmatic idealism and integrity.


The colour scheme is based on Volt's purple and white.

  • RGB 80 35 121

  • CMYK 82 98 0 12

  • HEX #502379

Additional colours are to be used for special purposes. These are:

Volt Yellow: The colour yellow is associated with liberality, individuality, open-mindedness, freedom, responsibility, tolerance and justice.

  • RGB 253 194 32

  • CMYK 0 26 90 0

  • HEX #FDC220

Volt Blue: The blue stands for economy and technology as well as smart, entrepreneurial and digital thinking.

  • RGB 130 208 244

  • CMYK 50 0 0 0

  • HEX #82D0F4

Volt Green: We associate green with sustainability, ecological thinking, the environment and nature.

  • RGB 27 190 111

  • CMYK 80 0 70 0

  • HEX #1BBE6F

Volt Red: With the colour red social-mindedness, welfare, solidarity and the image of care come to mind.

  • RGB 230 62 18

  • CMYK 0 86 100 0

  • HEX #E63E12


  • CMYK: 0 0 0 0

  • RGB: 255 255 255



The visual identity also features lines and rectangular shapes, which are to be arranged preferably in an upwards-pointing 21° angle. Additional permitted angles, although for special cases only, are 5° and 55°. Such design elements can be solid colour (Volt Purple, see above) or transparent (10% oder 70%).


We stick with our familiar font: Ubuntu.

Regarding everything! We use it with headlines as well as with copy text. Ubuntu has turned out to be a universally adaptable font for us. Moreover, the Ubuntu family provides a great range of variations.

  • Headlines and Subheadlines: Ubuntu

  • Paragraphs: Ubuntu

  • Calls to Action: Ubuntu


This website allows you to download different language versions of the logo in various formats.

Should you have any questions or inquiries about this subject, please contact [email protected].

Logo in Purple

Logo in White

Logo with EU Stars in Purple

Logo with EU Stars in White

Terms of use of Volt's logo

The Volt logo is a registered trademark within the European Union and the Volt visual identity is protected by copyright law. The use of the Volt logo and visual identity is intended first and foremost for use on own documents of Volt. Any use by third parties requires the prior and explicit consent by Volt Europa AISBL.

Only the legitimate editorial use by media companies or journalists in print and online media publications is allowed without such consent. A use which is purposefully misrepresenting positions of Volt or maliciously undermining the integrity and legitimacy of Volt is not a legitimate use. 

Volt reserves any right and title in the Volt logo and the Volt visual identity, except as expressly agreed otherwise and the right to prohibit the illegitimate use of the Volt logo and the Volt visual identity and to claim damages for such illegitimate use. All rights, including any goodwill, accruing from a legitimate use of the Volt logo and the Volt visual identity shall inure solely to the benefit of Volt.

As mentioned above, the use of the Volt logo and/ or the Volt visual identity for any other purposes than a legitimate editorial use requires the prior and explicit consent by Volt. Should you have any questions or inquiries about this subject and/or wish you to ask Volt for such consent, please contact [email protected].