An ambitious climate agenda for Europe

The undeniable effects of climate change have destabilised weather patterns and led to the collapse of ecosystems. To mitigate climate change we know that we must eliminate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and transition to greener economies.

The groundwork for such an ambitious climate agenda is set by the commitments of states and international organisations. However, despite the progress made in the 2015 Paris Agreement, change is taking too long. Entrenched interests fight the transition, and policies such as the “European Green Deal” and the “Fit for 55” legislation. 

Even though Europe represents less than 10% of GHG emissions, it still holds significant influence in international trade. Thus, we believe that the EU must step up, by providing the technology and funding needed to achieve the green transition. 

Our aim is to reduce emissions as fast as possible, taking a holistic approach on the decarbonisation of the economy, but ensuring that the most vulnerable are protected. Through public and private investment we can stimulate growth, create jobs, and place the EU as a global leader in green technologies and climate policy.

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Ambitious targets to meet the goals set by the Paris Agreement

Climate change has been known to disrupt weather conditions globally and with 2023 being the hottest year on record, the European Union needs to use its influential position to push for a more ambitious climate agenda, by promoting decarbonisation and reaching climate neutrality by 2040.

A revolutionised EU Climate Strategy

We're taking big steps to make the EU greener by 2025. We plan to extend the Emissions Trading System (ETS) to include negative emissions and to cover at least 90% of all emissions under a single cap. But we’re not just proposing rules, we’re helping people. We want to ensure that most of the revenue generated by ETS goes back to the communities affected by climate change the most.

A greener travel alternative

We are determined to upgrade your travel experience across Europe, by offering you greener, comfortable and cheaper alternatives. For that, we are investing in the European rail system so that you can enjoy comfortable international and night trains. We know booking international train trips can be complicated, so we also want to launch a super convenient platform where you can easily book your trips from Porto to Oslo and all the way to Bucharest!

Powering up Europe through a green energy overhaul

We believe that phasing out coal, stopping new fossil fuel drilling and banning fossil fuel ads are an essential step to tweak our energy systems to become smarter and more efficient. But that’s not all, we’ll invest in cutting-edge research to diversify our portfolio of renewable energy sources. We will also work on producing eco-friendly hydrogen to power industries and transport by 2040 and we’ll swap out natural gas with biogas in your home, with a cap price so you get to enjoy greener energy at a lower price.

The 5+1 Challenges

Volt has defined 5+1 fundamental Challenges that need to be tackled in each European country and in Europe as a whole.

Why 5 + 1 Challenges?

The 5 Challenges are basically the same for every country, but their implementation can be adapted on the national level to take into account local realities.

The +1 Challenge – our proposal to reform and strengthen the EU – is identical across all our national programmes.

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  • 01

    Smart State

    Education and digitalisation are key elements of the 21st century

  • 02

    Economic Renaissance

    An innovative economy must be the engine of society's progress

  • 03

    Social Equality

    No-one should be left behind - no matter their gender, income, religion. or origin

  • 04

    Global Balance

    Europe needs to assume responsibility for its role in global challenges

  • 05

    Citizen Empowerment

    People must be empowered to influence politics beyond elections alone

  • +1

    EU Reform

    We love the EU - this doesn't mean there is no room for improvement