About us

Only a Europe that acts together can solve our shared challenges. National parties are reaching their limits. To counteract populist promises and give a home to all Europeans, we created Volt:  the first pan-European party. We strive to empower people to change politics and unlock Europe’s potential. Active in already more than 30 countries, we encourage citizens to rethink and shape politics in their cities, in their countries and across borders in Europe. 

We are pan-European, pragmatic and progressive. While striving to promote diversity, we come together because of our shared goals and values. We ask the necessary questions and make realistic proposals to solve pan-European challenges.

Our plan for a better Europe

We work towards a united, federal Europe where everyone has equal chances to fulfil their unique potential. By uniting our strengths democratically, we strive to form a strong, responsible and transparent European government that acts in the interest of all Europeans.

We believe in reforming Europe to build a true European democracy. We are working towards building a stronger European Parliament with the power of proposing new laws and electing a European Prime Minister, that will be held accountable in front of all European citizens. We think we can shape Europe into a society where the highest standards of human, social, environmental, and technical development are achieved. It’s time for change, and we are creating the new European future. All we need is your help!

Our goal is to get our own political faction in the European Parliament in 2024. Volt competed in the European Elections in 2019 for the first time and we led a cross-border election campaign with a European election programme. As a result, Damian Boeselager became the first Volter in the European Parliament. 

And we keep growing! By now, more than 100 Volters are representing us at the local, regional, national and European level. We lead by example to foster a united, federal Europe.

Help us make a difference

Do you recognise yourself in our movement? We are always happy about new people who want to support us. Don’t wait any longer and get involved!

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