“Show Up for Europe” Day : Meet Volt on the streets across Europe

One week ahead of the European elections, the pan-European party Volt will take a stand against nationalist and anti-democratic forces.

Lead Candidate Damian Boeselager: “We are fighting for a socially just, prosperous and resilient EU. In times of growing nationalism, we are here to show up for Europe!”

May 21, 2024

21 May 2024 - On 1st of June, Volters from Portugal all the way to Cyprus will organize events and local actions to shed light on the importance of the European elections and European cooperation in times of polarisation and crises. Damian Boeselager, lead candidate of Volt´s symbolic transnational list and lead candidate in Volt Germany, will join the rally in Berlin.

We founded Volt because we live in a world, where no national government can solve cross-border challenges alone.”, Damian Boeselager points out. “Instead, we are stronger together and this is why Volt, the only pan-European party, leads by example: we are running in these European elections to connect best practices all over the continent while fostering a true European democracy.

Across the continent, various teams will engage with potential voters on Saturday afternoon. At the same time, they are connected with their peers all over Europe in a video conference to show what a truly pan-European campaign looks like. Moreover, this allows for direct conversations between interested individuals and Volters in other countries via video chat.

Damian Boeselager will be available for an interview throughout the event.

Please do reach out for further information to:
Pauline Raabe
PR Manager Volt Europa

[email protected]