Volt Europa Gears Up for 2024 European Elections: Uniting Members from Across Europe in Bucharest

Volt Europa members from all over Europe gathered in Bucharest, Romania, almost a year prior to the June 2024 European Elections.

Volt members voted on a series of votes. The co-presidents welcomed the newly formed Volt Slovakia and updated on all electoral successes.

Volt demonstrated its unwavering commitment to presenting a unified political platform for the European elections with the ambitious goal of electing 23 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).

Jun 6, 2023

Europe, 6th June 2023 - Volt, the pan-European party, gathered in Bucharest, Romania, last weekend for their General Assembly. Over 400 members from 20 European countries reaffirmed their dedication to conducting the first truly pan-European campaign, featuring a consistent electoral program across all European countries. 

"On this day, with slightly over a year until the European elections, we have come together, united by a strong sense of European spirit, that spans from  Ireland to Romania, and from Finland to Malta.  I want to emphasize the remarkable efforts of Volt Greece, which has swiftly transformed from having only a handful of members to becoming a movement consisting of over 400 people participating in the upcoming elections. Support them as you can, because we heard the word Brexit before Grexit” said Francesca Romana D'Antuono, co-president of Volt Europa.

On Saturday 3rd of June, hundreds marched for the accession of Romania and Bulgaria to the Schengen area, following the unfair vote to reject the accession of the two countries, within the JAI Commission in December 2022. 

 "Our challenges, be it economic recovery or tackling global warming, necessitate a forward-thinking political movement that transcends national borders. Today, we aim to bring this vision to Romania and emphasize that Europe is stronger with Romania as a part of the Schengen area!" stated Mihaela Sirițanu, co-president of Volt Romania. 

Volt MEP Damian Boeselager said, "With this march we aim to highlight the crucial need for reform within the European Union to ensure equitable representation of all European countries."

The General Assembly provided a dynamic platform for Volt Europa members and leaders from across Europe to reflect on the movement's accomplishments, assess challenges, and shape the future direction of Volt's policies and strategies. With a firm focus on co-creation and inclusivity, Volt Europa continues to pioneer a new approach to politics, driven by evidence-based decision-making and collaboration with its diverse membership base. 

It witnessed among others discussions on electoral reform, citizen participation, and enhancing democratic institutions to ensure greater accountability and responsiveness to citizens' needs, as well as giving the floor to elected representatives to speak about the experiences of women in politics, and presenting the main narrative of the movement, which will be the basis of all communications messages as the campaign period progresses. 

The policy co-leads unveiled their visionary "Moonshot" program, the only truly paneuropean policy program, outlining the transformative vision we aim to realise by 2040. In highlighting the immense challenges of our era, the co-leads emphasised the importance of seeking optimal solutions to address these policy aspirations. As stated by Inês Bravo Figueiredo, EUR  policy co-lead, "We undertake this endeavor not because it is easy, but because it is hard." Between the June and November General Assemblies, they will work diligently to develop 5-year policy proposals that align with their 15-year aspirations. These proposals will come together to form their complete Policy Programme.

The next General Assembly is scheduled for November 26-27, in Paris, France. 

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About Volt 

Volt, established in 2017 as a response to the surge of populism and the far right, actively engages across various levels of government. With a resolute determination, Volt strives to secure seats and enact reforms in forthcoming national, regional, and local elections. The ultimate goal of Volt is to establish a Federal European Democracy. Looking ahead, the pan-European movement plans to participate in the European elections across all 27 member states, aiming to form the first genuinely pan-European political group in the European Parliament. To achieve this, Volt will adopt a co-created electoral agenda in as many countries as possible, presenting a distinctive and authentically European approach to policy-making. 

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