Volt Elects Lead Candidates for Austria and Belgium for the 2024 European Elections

An important day for Volt as we mark the election of new lead candidates for the European elections across Europe.

Oct 28, 2023

The Volt lead candidates for the 2024 European Elections have been elected at parallel General Assemblies in Austria and Belgium on the 28th of October. On the same day, Volt members also elected the rest of the list for the European elections in Portugal.

Nini Tsiklauri and Alexander Harrer, Volt Austria, was elected as a Volt lead candidate for the 2024 European Elections. At the same time, Sophie in ‘t Veld and Bram Vandeninden were elected as Volt lead candidates in the Dutch-speaking list in Belgium while Suzana Carp and Arslan Jurion were selected for the French-speaking list.

Volt has now elected lead candidates for eight countries in the 2024 European Elections.

Earlier this month, Volt France elected Rayna Stamboliyska and Sven Franck, and at the end of September, Volt Netherlands elected Reinier Van Lanschot as their lead candidate, shortly after Volt Germany elected Nela Riehl, Damian Boeselager, Rebekka Müller, and Kai Tegethoff

Throughout the summer, Volt Spain elected Clara Panella Gómez, Volt Portugal elected Duarte Costa and Rhia Lopes, and Denmark elected Jakob Overby Kirkegaard and Kathrine Richter as their lead candidates. 

This diverse group of individuals with a wide range of experiences and perspectives are all united by their commitment to building a more united, prosperous, and sustainable Europe!

About Volt 

Volt is the first truly pan-European party, uniting people with the aim of building a Europe that works for all of us. It has members and supporters from 30 countries across Europe, all equally committed to democracy, transparency, and accountability. 

Volt is a young and ambitious party, but it has already made rapid progress. Volt has won seats in the Dutch and German parliaments, and it is on the rise across Europe, with more than 120 elected officials. 

To achieve this, Volt will adopt a co-created electoral agenda in as many countries as possible, presenting a distinctive and authentically European approach to policy-making. 

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