From the General Assembly to the European Elections: Volt's strategy to navigate political barriers in France

Meet Volt France's lead candidates, Sven and Rayna, as they share insights on the crucial Paris GA, a pivotal event leading to the European elections.

Nov 29, 2023
Sven and Rayna, Lead Candidates in France for the European Elections

Lead candidates in France for the European Elections, Sven and Rayna, introduce themselves and give you some insight into why the GA in Paris has been such an important event in the lead up to the European elections.

Bienvenue !

My name is Sven, I have been a Volter since 2018 and have been on the French board for four years. I also run the Lille team and participated in the municipal, regional and national elections either as a candidate or supporting our candidates. In my life beyond Volt, I’m married to a Slovenian and work for an open source software publisher managing French and European-financed R&D projects. I also coordinate EUCLIDIA, an alliance of European cloud and telco technology creators. You could say I never sleep, because I’m also active in the local twinning association, which organises meetup groups for expats and Germans in Lille and I participate in a reading club, if I still manage time to read!

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And my name is Rayna! I joined Volt in June 2023. I’m an expert in digital diplomacy and risk management. As a CEO and founder in the tech space striving to bridge the gap between innovation and policy, my daily life is full of excitement and exasperation. My participation in public life revolves around defending fundamental rights and freedoms and promoting accountability. I’m the author of two books, “Practical D3.js” and “The Hidden Face of the Internet” (Prix du livre cyber 2018). I’m a Board Member of the European Women4Cyber Foundation, and the French think tank Renaissance numérique. I’m an adjunct professor at Sciences Po Paris and an independent expert for ENISA and INTERPOL. My favourite fiction books are about serial killers, and I have travelled exclusively by train since 2016.

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Getting elected in France is… a challenge

We hope this message finds you in high spirits after the fantastic Paris GA and ready for the exciting journey ahead as we gear up for the #EP2024 elections! Thank you again for joining us in Paris, for the laughs, heated debates and the one-of-a-kind violet march. We were thrilled to have you here!

At the heart of our candidacy is Volt's sound political programme, which resonates with our commitment to advancing the European project, and our shared values, which propel us forward. Our list boasts impressive talent, with candidates from 15 nationalities and counting. We, Sven and Rayna, are just the beginning – a true reflection of Europe's diverse tapestry. This diversity is our strength; together, we will showcase the power of collaboration and unity on the European stage.

France is a tough nut to crack in terms of elections. The French polls pose unique challenges for small parties like ours. The electoral 5% threshold, equivalent to around 1 million votes, is no small feat. Financial constraints add an additional layer of complexity, with the need to fund ballot papers for election day and flyers to ensure visibility. We must get known by 40 million voters and fund 40 million ballots to matter and be electable.

Picture this: 40 million voters, 40 million ballot papers---and 40 million reasons to work collaboratively. To overcome these challenges, we are building a coalition with five other parties, each targeting 1% of the vote and contributing to the financial pool. This collaborative approach not only eases the burden on our resources but also strengthens our collective impact. It's a true testament to the power of unity in pursuing a common goal.

As we navigate the intricate political landscape, we position ourselves as the reference party for advancing the European project. What sets us apart is a joint program, a pan-European perspective, and our commitment to presenting a transnational list. Imagine a team representing the diversity and richness of every member state, with candidates like us: Sven from Germany and Rayna, a proud French-Bulgarian. This is the Europe we envision, which will uniquely help us captivate the hearts of electors and potential coalition partners.

As we progress, let us remain steadfast in our commitment to this journey. The challenges may be significant, but so is our collective resolve. Together, we will cross the 5% threshold and pave the way for Europe's brighter, more united future.

Thank you for being an essential part of this incredible journey.

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The General Assembly in Paris is an incredible campaign booster

The GA at this time of the campaign is crucial to gain visibility for Volt France. With the many small parties running in the elections, we must stand out from the crowd with an event that only Volt Europa can pull off. The GA demonstrated that, despite being a small chapter in France, we can still make a considerable impact with the support of everyone. The potential coalition partners and other influential figures who joined us now understand what a pan-European party with shared values can achieve.

We are humbled and forever grateful that you helped paint the city of Paris in purple and European blue to show France what it means to be a pan-European movement with the ambition to improve Europe!

Thank you for being an essential part of this incredible journey.