European Parliament candidates for Volt travel to Kyiv, pledge 5 measures to support Ukraine’s victory

Last week, representatives of Volt from across the continent traveled to Kyiv to discuss the EU’s strategy and support required to win the war against Putin. Having spoken to Ukrainians about the impact of the war on life in Ukraine, Volt proposes five measures to ensure a safe and free Ukraine inside the EU. 

Apr 15, 2024
Photo of many Ukrainian flags on a lawn in front of building in Kyiv

The situation in Ukraine is dire. Due to a shortage of ammunition, Ukraine faces the impossible decision whether to protect its civilian centres or its soldiers fighting on the front line. NGOs, activists, government officials, think tanks and war veterans have all conveyed the same, clear message: without more military and financial support, Ukraine will suffer defeat.

If Ukraine falls, it would mean the end of freedom for Ukrainians and our rules-based international order. It would mean the end of our security in Europe. Europe needs to make bold choices to help Ukraine today, because it is right and so that we won’t have to fight Russia tomorrow. 

  1. The EU needs a long-term war strategy: the EU needs to take responsibility for its own security by creating a clear long-term strategy to help Ukraine win this war. Europe should speak with one voice within NATO.

  2. The EU needs to provide strategic weapons immediately: the EU and its member states must scale up weapons deliveries and joint procurement, without self-imposed red lines. Ukraine immediately requires significant stocks of artillery munitions, long-range strike capabilities and at least ten additional Patriot or equivalent air defence systems.

  3. The EU needs effective sanctions: Putin's war chest is large. Russia is evading oil sanctions by using polluting, unlicensed tankers for export, while third countries resell Russian oil without consequences. New, more effective and serious sanctions must be established, particularly for metals, LNG and uranium. 

  4. The EU must use Russian frozen assets: let the aggressor, not the European taxpayer, pay for ending Putin's war. The EU has 300 billion Euros worth of frozen Russian assets that should fund Ukraine's defence and reconstruction. Those assets should be used as collateral to issue EU war bonds.

  5. The EU must do more to ensure Ukraine’s democratic and European future: the EU should bolster Ukraine’s civil society to support governmental reforms so that Ukraine can become a strong EU member state by 2030. Prior to full accession, Ukraine should be able to participate in the EU in phases. 

Francesca Romana D’Antuono (Co-President Volt Europa) about the visit to Ukraine: 

It's time to step up for European democracy. This trip has brought us closer to the lives of our Ukrainian friends, and we want to see a European Union that actively supports Ukraine in its fight for peace. In the context of this war, this can only happen by enabling people to protect themselves from the aggressor. Ukrainian freedom is European freedom.

Volt Ukraine

Volt has a presence in Ukraine. Volt Ukraine is here for Ukrainians at home and abroad, 44 million people. We are building bridges between our countries, bringing us closer together, even as the war on our continent tries to push us apart.

Co-Lead of Volt Ukraine, Anastasiia Vozovych: 

True European values are the values of freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law, which unite Ukraine as a nation and guide us in the fight for our future. The Volt movement has become a symbol of these European values, and it is these values that give us strength and perseverance in our struggle.

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