Volt Europa Poised for the Election of its New Leadership

Volt Europa is gearing up for the election of its new board this weekend.

Nov 25, 2023

Paris, November 25, 2023. Volt Europa is gearing up for the election of its new board this weekend. More than 750 Volters hailing from across Europe will have the opportunity to cast their votes at the General Assembly (GA) in Paris and elect the leadership that will guide the party into the future.

This momentum, coupled with the party's unwavering commitment to a united and progressive Europe, positions Volt Europa as a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming EU elections.

The Unique Composition of Volt's Board
The board is composed of a female and male co-president, who work in tandem with a treasurer to collectively oversee the party's management. Adding depth to this leadership team are six non-executive board members, who actively collaborate with national chapters and functional teams. 

The Volt board is made up of dedicated and passionate individuals. As an organisation that heavily recognises the crucial work that volunteers do, Volt believes in the importance of electing volunteers to decision making positions. Volt members can elect the candidates from a diverse group of 22 individuals representing 11 countries, each with their wide spectrum of perspectives and expertise.

A Vision for a Better EU
During the GA, Volt will unveil its groundbreaking cross-European electoral campaign program, marking the start of the party's campaign for the upcoming European elections in June 2024. The policy leads will also present the Moonshot Programme, set out to navigate our shared societal challenges. "One Programme, for One Campaign" is the document which the Policy team have been painstakingly working on, as a Campaign Programme for the European Elections.Volt Europa stands ready to champion its vision of a truly united continent, where citizens from all corners of the world can seamlessly live, work, and thrive. 

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About Volt
Volt is the first truly pan-European party, uniting people with the aim of building a Europe that works for all of us. It has members and supporters from 30 countries across Europe, all equally committed to democracy, transparency, and accountability. 

Volt is a young and ambitious party, but it has already made rapid progress. Volt has won seats in the Dutch and German parliaments, and local councils in Portugal, Italy, Germany, and Bulgaria. It is on the rise across Europe, with more than 120 elected officials. 

To achieve this, Volt will adopt a co-created electoral agenda in as many countries as possible, presenting a distinctive and authentically European approach to policy-making. 

For media inquiries, interviews, or additional information, please contact:

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PR Manager - Volt Europa
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