Volt Europa's GA in Paris: Addressing the ‘Elephant in the Room’

The upcoming GA marks a pivotal moment for Volt, as it prepares to tackle pressing issues and the “elephant in the room” of EU politics

Nov 21, 2023

Brussels, 21 November 2023. Volt Europa is set to host its next General Assembly (GA) in Paris for over 750 members from across the EU on November 25th and 26th. The gathering will end with an official demonstration through the streets of the French capital. The GA marks a pivotal moment for the pan-European movement, as it prepares to tackle pressing issues and the “elephant in the room” of EU politics. 

For Volt, the metaphorical elephant signifies the persisting challenge of unaddressed issues within politics, particularly the side-lining of EU citizens’ voices and political newcomers. It’s present in any national EU parliament, too big to be hidden, but still ignored. 

"It's time to stop ignoring the obvious. At this GA, we're embarking on a crucial mission - to smash through the barriers holding us back from solving global problems. This gathering marks our unwavering commitment to tackling societal issues, uniting our voices to confront climate change, inequality, and the challenges of technology” comments Francesca Romana D'Antuono   ,President of Volt Europa. 

Paris as a strategic starting point

Given France's recent political shifts, demonstrating openness to new ideas within its established political landscape, Volt Europa selects Paris as a key setting. Here, Volt aims to integrate its distinctive purple message into French politics, aiming at a transformative impact on upcoming elections – both European and French ones.

At the heart of this assembly lies the unveiling of Volt's joint electoral programme for the European elections of 2024. This comprehensive agenda stands as a testament to the party's unwavering dedication to fostering a more connected, accountable, and cooperative European political landscape. Volt Europa champions this shift, knowing that only together, breaking down old barriers, we can find effective solutions that span beyond national lines.

The post-GA demonstration is geared towards driving impactful changes, pushing for a European citizens' assembly before crucial EU decisions. Volt also proposes lowering the voting age to 16 for European elections, aiming for more inclusivity. Alongside, there is a strong demand for increased transparency and accountability from EU bodies, solidifying our dedication to strengthening citizen voices continent-wide.

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About Volt

Volt is the first truly pan-European party, uniting people with the aim of building a Europe that works for all of us. It has members and supporters from 30 countries across Europe, all equally committed to democracy, transparency, and accountability. 

Volt is a young and ambitious party, but it has already made rapid progress. Volt has won seats in the Dutch and German parliaments, and it is on the rise across Europe, with more than 120 elected officials. 

To achieve this, Volt will adopt a co-created electoral agenda in as many countries as possible, presenting a distinctive and authentically European approach to policy-making. 

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