Open Positions at Volt Europa - Internal Commissions

Member of the Conflict Resolution Body

Are you one of those people who loves solving conundrums and helping overcoming conflicts? Do you not only address the problem, but also come up with a solution? You just might be the CRB member we need!

Role Purpose

The Conflict Resolution Body (CRB) is the internal judicial body of Volt Europa. 

Each member of the CRB has 4 + 1 key tasks:

#1 You will ensure that  the internal decisions by the organs of Volt Europa comply with the Statutes and the Internal Regulations. 

#2  You will be responsible for the proper application of the Statutes and the Internal Regulations.

#3  You will ensure the independent and impartial resolution of complaints from Volt Europa’s Members arising from the actions of one of the Volt Europa’s organs or officials. 

#4 You will review the decisions by the Board of Directors of Volt Europa on the rejection of an admission request by a natural person.

+1 You will review the decisions by the organs of Volt Europa that affect one of its members or several members.

Job Title

Member of the CRB

Strong command of EnglishAwareness of and sensitivity to the multicultural and diverse environment in which Volt Europa operatesIntegrity and ability to maintain confidentiality at all times


Volt Europa CRB

Time commitment

min 5 h/week


2 years


None (unpaid)

Personal Competences

Law degree or comparable legal qualification
- Strong command of English
- Awareness of and sensitivity to the multicultural and diverse environment in which Volt Europa operates
- Integrity and ability to maintain confidentiality at all times

1. Scope

The Electoral Committee, in accordance with the Art. 14 of the Statutes of Volt Europa, and to subsection 2.2.1 of the Internal Regulations, invites any Individual Member of Volt Europa to submit a candidature for a position on the CRB of “Volt Europa A.I.S.B.L.” (referred also as “Volt Europa”). The “Call for candidacies” (referred to as “Call”) outlines the procedure for the submission of candidacies, the review process and the electoral process. 

The CRB of Volt Europa is composed of five (5) individual members from five (5) different Member Associations or Associated Member Associations. At least three (3) members will have to hold a Law degree.

Note: We value and encourage diversity and therefore welcome all applications - regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic and social origin, religion/belief, disability, age and sexual ideology, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity. The five members of the CRB must each be from different countries.

Questions? Contact [email protected]  

2. Filing an application

Send us your application via email to [email protected] until April 1 2024 with the following documents, all in English:

  1. Curriculum Vitae

  2. Copy of an ID Card or Passport

  3. Copy of Law degree or comparable legal qualification

  4. Answer the following questions in your email::

    • What motivates you to apply for this vacancy?

    • Do you have specific experience that will be of value for the CRB?

    • What is the approach you  would take to  resolve a conflict?

    • What competencies will you bring to the team?

    • What do you need to be successful as a CRB member?

We encourage you to apply if you hold a Law degree obtained at an European university or a foreign equivalent Law degree recognized in the European Union.

Candidates must declare that: (1) They commit to fulfil their role during the entire duration of their mandate (two years). (2) They have not been convicted for any criminal offence. (3) They are not subject to any criminal proceedings or investigation.

The EC will send a confirmation after receiving your candidacy application.

You can withdraw your candidacy until the day before the start of voting.

To keep the legal members of Volt well informed, we would like to share with them some information about you. Please, provide us with:

  • A video of 1 minute max

  • A short resume with no personal data to help the members to get to know you

3. Application’s review process

The EC will review the received applications, within fifteen (15) days after the deadline for the submission. The result of the review will be communicated via email to the candidate. 

Accepted applications will be communicated to all Volt members through all the official channels of Volt Europa. When the application is accepted, it will be published on the internal website for internal election, including the submitted attachments.

In case of rejection, the EC will share the motivation behind this decision.

4. Electoral campaign rules

Candidates will have at least one month of electoral campaign. Before the start of the campaign the Committee might hold an open Q&A with candidates. 

The electoral campaign will end the day before the start of voting operations, all candidates must observe the “electoral silence” during the 24 hours before the vote is opened, and until the vote is closed. All candidates must follow the electoral campaign guidelines and the Code of Conduct. Against unruly behaviour of a candidate, any other candidate can file a complaint, which will be reviewed and decided by the Committee based on the Code of Conduct.

5. Electoral system, voting and results

Election of the vacant CRB position will be held during the next General Assembly.. 

Voting will take place electronically, and the vote will be open for an appropriate period of time, according to the General Assembly Agenda. The final time schedule will be communicated to all

Members alongside the Notice of Convocation for the General Assembly.

The elected person will be appointed as a Member of the CRB by the Assembly. The work on conflicts or appeals brought before the CRB related to this election will be resolved by the old

Members of the CRB as a means to avoid any conflict of interest.

6. Final notes

The Electoral Committee and the candidates are bound to uphold the procedure in this Call. 

The Electoral Committee in accordance with the Statues and Internal Regulations, can make additional decisions and order additional measures pertaining to the elections not set forth in this Call, in order to guarantee the elections’ successful implementation. Any additional decision or measures will be communicated via email to candidates. 

In case of conflicts between this Call and the Statutes or the Internal Regulations, the Statutes and the Internal Regulations prevail, in that order.

Electoral Committee Member

Great that you are interested to work together with thousands of Europeans and that you want to contribute to shaping our future by working on the European level of Volt. Towards the end of this year, in October we are organizing the elections for our European Board and Conflict Resolution Body. For that important responsibility, we are seeking members to form our Electoral Committee. 

The Electoral Committee is an independent body responsible for organizing and overseeing all the internal elections of the Association as well as overseeing all voting operations of the Assembly.

When you become part of the Electoral Committee, you will be part of a team composed of 5 members representing different (associated) Member Associations throughout our movement in Europe. The Electoral Committee will be taking care of the organization of our internal elections and the voting at our General Assemblies. You will have a direct impact on the elections for the leaders of our movement and the voting procedures at our General Assemblies. 

You will be working closely with the leaders of our organization in the European Board and the Country Council. It will be a wonderful ride,  an incredibly challenging, stimulating, and dynamic work experience! 

Are you in? Then, apply now! 

What's waiting for you:

  • Organizing all our internal elections 

  • Implement an election framework for the internal elections 

  • Organize and administer the call for candidates as well as review the applications received 

  • Oversee the electoral campaign of candidates and responsible to ensure fairness among all candidates 

  • Validate guidelines for the selection of candidates 

  • Oversee voting operations at our General Assemblies 

What competences you should have:

The Electoral Committee will be composed of 5 members and as a group we will look towards the following skills and experience to be combined: 

  • Project management skills and experience 

  • Communication skills 

  • Languages: English and by preference French or Dutch (because we are registered in Belgium as an AISBL)

  • Legal skills 

  • Technical skills (Zoom, Tusker, etc.) 

  • Experience in (internal) election campaigns

Experience in an electoral committee of an (A)MA of Volt is considered a big plus.

Procedure and next steps:

The interviews will be held with the our current European Board represented. Based on that the European Board will propose the candidates to our Country Council that then formally appoints the Electoral Body. We aim to complete the appointment process by early July 2023.

The first elections to be organized by the Electoral Committee will be in October 2023 so you will be straight away involved with setting up the required framework and start with its executing of the elections and campaigns.

How to apply:

Please send your CV, motivation (maximum 1 page) and video (maximum of 3 minutes) to introduce yourself and what you hope to achieve as a member of the Electoral Committee through an email to  [email protected] and [email protected] and [email protected]