Future. Made In Europe.

Today, Europeans are facing multiple existential crises on a scale not seen in decades.

  • Russian missiles have shattered not only homes and hospitals in Ukraine, but also the peace and security that most of us have long taken for granted.

  • Rivers in one part of Europe are running dry, just as towns and villages in another part are being devastated by torrential flooding.

  • Many of us are struggling to afford basic goods, and manufacturing industries are leaving because of high energy prices.

  • The poor sleep on the streets while huge corporations dodge paying their fair share of taxes.Boats filled with people fleeing war and oppression are capsizing before our shores.

Yet, amid these unprecedented crises, politicians carry on as usual. National governments make half-hearted efforts to solve these problems, and when they do act, they often damage the interests of fellow Europeans.

But that’s exactly the problem. Wars and refugees, social injustice and climate change aren’t contained by borders. That makes it impossible for national governments to overcome them alone. The result is division, extremism, and paralysis.

But there is another way..

Volt Rainbow

We can overcome these challenges if we tackle them together, as Europeans, in a united, federal and truly democratic Europe.

Volters celebrate holding Volt flags in Bucharest

Together, we can build a Europe that works for all of us, whoever we are, wherever we live, and whatever we do.

  • A Europe that can defend itself and that safeguards peace in the world. A Europe that transitions decisively towards renewable energy and ensures that basic necessities are affordable for everyone.

  • A Europe that provides a refuge to those seeking safety and that attracts talented people to help us achieve what we cannot achieve by ourselves.

  • A Europe with an economy that delivers prosperity while protecting our planet.

  • And a Europe that is not torn apart by divisive and inhumane nationalist and populist politics. But rather one that is marked by dignity, solidarity, fairness and transparency, in which citizens are empowered to make the changes they seek.

To build this Europe, we founded Volt.

As the first truly pan-European party, we bring together the knowledge and perspectives of thousands of people from Ireland to Romania, and from Finland to Malta, to develop our evidence-based policies. And we fight for these same policies everywhere in Europe

Millions of Europeans have already entrusted us with their votes at the municipal, national and European levels. More than 125 Volters already represent citizens in countries including Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands and Portugal.

And we're running in the European Elections in 15 different countries, on one programme, with one goal - to make Europe a better place.

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